McCain dodges Obama handshake: Do we want an angry president?

Last night in my initial blog post summarizing the debate, I mentioned how Obama countered McCain's edginess with a coolness that aided him in the debate. After thinking about McCain's behavior a bit more, I'm not sure that edginess was a proper description. McCain wasn't really edgy. He was angry. He was on the offense, and at times was offensive. I don't think America needs nor wants an angry president. Obama has shown, both in the primaries and in the general election, with few missteps, that he is cool, calm, collected, and confident; while McCain has appeared to be reactionary.

Limiting contact with Obama, referring to him personally only to berate him, dodging shaking hands with him; McCain is showing that he is not able to handle the job of President of the United States in a manner that we need to propel our nation forward. If elected, we could face an additional four years of crude international relations, unnecessary military responses, and domestic policies lacking the compassion, tolerance, and respect that the people deserve.