Joel McDonald is a third generation citizen of Virginia Beach, and is currently employed with Virginia Beach City Public Schools as the Data Support Specialist at Luxford Elementary School. He is a graduate of Bayside High School, attended the Virginia Beach Advanced Technology Center, and earned an Information Technology degree from the University of Phoenix. Though he has had a longtime interest in politics and public policy, his first work with a campaign was in the 2008 Virginia Democratic Primary, supporting Senator Barack Obama. Joel was active in making phone calls, knocking on doors, and attending various grassroots events. He was a volunteer during the Obama rally at the Virginia Beach Convention Center where he worked with the media. Joel was elected as a District and State Alternate to the 2008 2nd District and Virginia State Democratic Conventions, and served as a Delegate at the 2nd District Democratic Convention. He posts regularly on politics on his personal blog, In the Rough, while also regularly commenting on VB Dems and Bearing Drift.

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